Qiusheng Wu
Geospatial Data Science

Geospatial Data Science



I am using a Linux distro called Manjaro KDE. It is my favorite Linux distro after trying many other Linux distros (e.g., Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Fedora, Zorin, Debian). The Rolling Release Development Model and Arch User Repository are my favorite features. You no longer need to search the Internet and download software packages manually. The Arch User Repository has almost everything you need. Just a few mouse clicks or one command to install any software packages. Check out my manjaro-linux repository on GitHub for setting up your Manjaro Linux quickly after installation.

My favorite apps:

  • Package manager: pamac (enable AUR)
  • Backup: timeshift
  • Dist utility: gnome-disk-utility (for auto mount options)
  • System cleaner: stacer-bin
  • Workspace theme: arc-kde papirus-icon-theme papirus-maia-icon-theme
  • Browser: google-chrome brave
  • Programming: visual-studio-code-bin r rstudio-desktop-bin pycharm-professional miniconda3 cuda cudnn python-tensorflow-cuda
  • Office Suite: softmaker-office-2018-bin
  • Cloud backup: dropbox insync onedrive
  • Remote desktop: teamviewer anydesk nomachine krdc remmina
  • FTP client: filezilla
  • Email clients: mailspring wavebox-bin
  • ISO files: etcher furiusisomount xfburn, woeusb
  • Image editor: gimp pinta krita
  • Vector editor: inkscape
  • Screen recorder: peek flameshot obs-studio
  • PDF editor: masterpdfeditor-free gscan2pdf pdfarranger moonshiner pdfchain
  • Chat: skypeforlinux-stable-bin electronic-wechat zoom
  • Wallpaper: variety
  • Pandora Radio client: pithos
  • Media server: plex-media-server
  • E-book reader: calibre
  • Virtual machine: virtualbox crossover
  • Firewall: gufw
  • System info: hardinfo
  • Math: mathpix-snipping-tool
  • Geospatial: google-earth qgis saga-gis
  • Download manager: motrix